I down loaded one of those Anti Maleware removal thingys It said my PC had over 1000 problems which they could fix if i Bought thier productWhich if any is the best Anti Malware Program????Cheers

The one that Microsoft usually recomments is MalwareBytes Anti-Malware as can be found here

commented: My favourite too. :-) +5

MalwareBytes is good. ClamWin/ClamAV is also, and is free and open source - and the most recommended one for Apple products.

Thanks for that will give it a try **Have got Malware Bytes and Spy bot **I am trying to get rid of Virtumonde

Any program that says you have over 1000 problems is most likely a scam. Even legitimate programs can over-inflate the threat by counting each cookie as a possible vector. Chances are you have some problems but not nearly as many as stated. Use what was suggested - Malwarebytes Antimalware.

also see my response to Vitumonde above

Spybot used to be the Bees knees until Malwarebytes came along. There is nothing better than Malwarebytes out there.

Have you used any freeware security software ?

Hi All Thanks for your help ..Seems to have solved the problem !!