Hey everyone

Im having a very big problem that i dont seem to be able to find an answer to.......ANYWHERE

So........All of a sudden all 90% of my desktop icons and folders and the files inside the folders have all converted their titles into numbers !

The Files themselves arent corrupt as i can open them ....but their icons dont show and EVERY name has changed to a numerical value

I cant tell what is what at all other than to say .....i can try to lead each file for example........if it was originaly a wav file and i choose to open it in media player it works.....but its impossible to tell one from the other.
Also i cannot do a system restore to resolve the problem
PLEASE HELP .....im starting to worry as this prob seems very unpredictable and it seems to be spreading ....FAST !!!!!!

Im running win XP home sp1 if that helps at all

Thanks in advance

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