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Cause Maybe 90% of Dani Web comminity probably hates those annoying bots that lead to you sites to get your credit card info, says add me on this social networking website, add me on Facebook, saying text me so I can send you photos.

I was thinking if it was possible for a advanced skilled user out there to know if it's possible to find out who created the bot then report the crime to the feds, bots are annoying and imposeronate inoccent women also guys to.

That is usually a subject for experts in computer network security. I am a senior engineer with a major internet company, and I would need a year or two at least to get even a bit competent in determining who was behind some bot/botnet.

one needs some knowledge of back tracking maybe !!!!

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If the virus/malware executable is saved onto your Hard Drive, and you have access to it then there may be a way of checking how and where you received it from.

Check the file name of the file. Go into your webbrowser the one used when you received the file from a download and go into your history and search the filename. If you hadn't changed the filename on the download "save dialog" then it should display the URL to where you received it from.

If however, your talking about online websites with bots and advertisements, there isn't much you can do about it. Considering, the website owner chooses what advertisements go onto his website. Unless what is on there is actually against the law, there's not much to what you can do. If you've been scammed, had your credit card stolen from entering a form and so on, there commiting fraud and you can definetely do something about that.

If this is Software infection/virus, I highly suggest you get sorted with a good Anti-Virus/malware software.

If the above information I have created for you isn't what you were looking for, my apologies.

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