For some strange reason, I can't access the following websites:

(these are two adject town news sites that I assume use the same server to keep their website running)

These websites work on my phone and using another person's computer connected to the same router that I'm currently linked to. It also works if I'm using a proxy on my computer. Any idea how to fix this and what caused this issue (i.e. being blocked by these two websites only on my computer?)

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I've tried that and it doesn't work.

Have you tried with a different browser?
Also when you tried with your phone, was it from the same IP address?-> this will give info whether it is IP issue or something related to that specific device that you are using

I've tried using a different browser but it doesn't seem to work. My IP address on both my phone and computer seem to be the exact same... Not sure why I can only access on my phone though. Very confused.

Some browsers today aren't allowing plain http access, but require https (secure, encrypted connections) to work. Try using https instead of http as the protocol type.

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what browser do you use?

try to restore all your browser to defualt and also run your anti virus in a safe mode, after that you should be able to visit the site... hope this help, let us know if it does

If you're getting a blank page, try control+F5 to do a hard refresh.

If you're getting nothing at all, from the command line try doing "ipconfig /flushdns" (without quotes) to flush your DNS cache locally. This is particularly likely to be the problem if the website recently moved servers.

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