Hello Good Morning,
my system is infected with Virus,
Exactly dont know the name of that and the drives C and D gone and the icons in the startup are gone(My computer,networkplaces etc)
can any one help me in getting back the icons and name of the virus.
and i tried to find the autorun.inf file also but no autorun.inf file i find

please anyone help me
Thanks in advance.

Rakesh Nagekar

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how do you know you're infected ?
what PC is it ?
how much memory ?
if C & D disapear it should not boot, how many disk
have you got and what is load drive ?
when do you believe it happened ?
in any case you'll have to use some kind of antivirus
to get rid of the problems. (malwarebyte,combofix, avast,kapersky et al) or if you don't have valuable data on it consider re-installing.


Hello Friends,

In my computer group policy editor, task manager,command prompt are disabled and i cant able to access notepad also

can u please provide some solution from where in Registry i can get back the group policy editor and which type of virus is infected to my system.

Thanks in Advance.
Rakesh Nagekar


Hello friends,
iam facing a problem related to hidden fields,

in Tools -->folder options --> view -->

when i check the "Show hidden files and folders"

and apply and OK.

its not saving.

means its not saving the option and showing the hidden files and folders.
Please help

Rakesh Nagekar

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