Hi guys, something a little strange has happened. While I browsed to google.co.uk home page I've seen a message flashing on the top left of the screen, it flashed literally for about half a second and after ctrl+f5 numerous times I managed to get a screenshot and it says "Online Security this site has no rating".
I saw that message in windows chrome, I'm logged in, I haven't checked in Ubuntu, but it is definitely the first time I saw it. I'm running a scan with malaware byte just in case, and a google search for that hasn't really revealed much.
Any idea what it is, and why it is showing on the google home page? Here is a screenshot by the way:

What was the site? It could be that Google really has no information about the site. This can easily happen with new sites I would think.

Well, the site was google.co.uk, as per screenshot, which is why I found it rather odd

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Hi Violet, I find that to be a little suspicious. I also get that when I test it using the same website you have in your screenshot. However, we have to think is this only with Avast Online Security or is with others as well. If Google is the only one reporting this I would not worry. Google does not really like to disclose their server settings to any sources that ask for it. This could also be the reason why this is occuring.

Also, it does it for .com as well. This is a bit odd I will say though. Also another thing to take into account is that Avast Online Security is based upon its users. They rate the website what they think is secure or not secure. Do you only have the browser extension or do you have Avast Antivirus as well? For the most part, this seems like a bug that needs to be reported to Avast, but I do not think it is security concerning to be honest. If it does it for multiple sites, that's when you worry. Hope this helps :)

I don't think I have a browser extension - not at my laptop at the moment - but I do have avast installed. Yeah, hopefully it's just nothing!

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Not a problem. According to your screenshot you have another browser extension as well. However, considering I tested it as well and got the same result, I think this is just a simple bug in Avast. Nothing to be concerned about. Feel free to kudos if I helped you. :)

cool, thanks

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