Hi , my computer was running slow , acting weird , getting pop ups , etc . I ran an anti spy , malwarebytes , & my virus scan ... Overkill yes but thecomputer is now clean . Problem is I not only lost the viruses / spyware , I Also lost my internet connection . I tried Firefox & win ie but nothing . My WiFi is workin on everything else just this computer has no connection immedeiately following the removal off the files found on my scans . Please help me get this fixed if there is a way. Thanks.

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you continue with network problems?

Computer works but internet connection is gone

Perhaps you could post a list of the files in your Malwarebytes and AV bins, in order for us to see what was corrupted but important.
On another system please download Farbar Service Scanner to a UFD; run the program on your unconnected system and present the report here.

i advice doing the: Internet Options - Advanced - Reset
try these and tell me if works

Dukane .... Thanks , winsockfix took care of my problem and it only took like 10 seconds to do so , rebooted and now workin great . Thanks again

gotta love that winsockfix ,hasn't been updated since 2004 and it still works ,i use to use it all the time years ago

very good answer i might try that when a virus does strip away my internet like bacon cooking on a frying pan

This is why I don't run Windows except on my company laptop, and that is seriously hardened against stuff like this. I am posting this from Firefox running on a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Thanks! the above discussion is useful.

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