Hey guys!
it would be great if somebody here could advise me asap. I have an e-commerce website that was running well. . A week ago, the website got hacked and several pointless pages have been added to it. We found it and removed all pages as soon as we can. But we're worried if the website is infected with spyware or any malware. We couldn't take the risk of clients money and so the website is momentarily closed until a cybersecurity assessment is done.

I hope that, after the evaluation, we can make sure whether the website is clean for spyware or malware. How do we prevent such hacking strikes in future? What type of vulnerability needs to have caused this attack? I hope someone can help me. I am planning on hiring this cybersecurity company for the assessment. What do you think of them?

Being that their own server has numerous basic security issues and is vulnerable to a Clickjacking Attack, I would stay away from them.