I don't know if this is the place to ask...

Last night I was on my computer when the connection failed...limited or no connectivity.

After several hours of reconfiguring the router rebooting the PC, router, uninstalling and reinstalling the network card...still nothing.

If I connect directly to teh DSL modem...I can connect (obviously).

So I went out and bought a new router.

After installing my new NetGear MR814...I had internet connectivity...joy!

When I came back a few hours later...same problem...no DSL connectivity.

P.S. I can't even connect to the router anymore using the or (or anything else for that matter).

Anyone have a clue what the heck is going on here?



I can't even ping the router...I get

"destination host unreachable"

I don't know if this is the place to ask...

Not exactly... there is a networking section in this forums. :) You might get more help there, but anyway:

Sounds really strange, so let's make sure nothing easy happened:
Since it's very unlikely that something within normal usage killed a second router, too - have you checked your LAN cables carefully? I know from experience that they can be pretty sensible and a broken wire/damaged contact can work for some time until heat/the cat/your wife/coincidence makes the problem show up. The problem is: When it's got good contact again, your LAN card may need up to 5 minutes to re-establish the connection (if it does at all), so it looks broken all the time.

So have you already tried swapping that cord with another? I'm almost sure that this or related stuff could be your problem since your DSL modem (with the other cable) runs fine on the LAN as you reported.

What about the status LEDs on your router? Are they showing normal status on the WAN side and a broken LAN connection? Are they on at all?

I thought the same thing...but after trying everything under the sun, including installing and additional NIC card and reinstalling my operating system...I took the new router back and it WAS bad.

Now on my third router.

It initially didn't want to work either...even with the installation CD. After about an hour I found another LinkSys router installation utility...and after another hiccough or two...my network is finally up and running again.

Now I have to reinstall all of my software again...just as soon as the 63 Windows critical updates are done downloading and installing...LOL!

Ok, so let's hope that this was a weird chain of coincidences.:cheesy:

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