yeah, well i was downloading music, and after turning off my computer and comming back to it later, a new thing poped up in my taskbar next to my sound and all that.

i can descrbe it as a blue circle with a white boarder, and a white questionmark on the inside, it later flashed into a red circle with a slash through it.

every 5 mins or so it will give me a error message in a ballon, it says that i may have spywear or viruses.

if i click on it it sends me to a website that tells about a wonderfull program that could clean my whole system for only $50... and im definatly not going to buy it.

i went and i got avast 4.7 home edition and used that to clean my system, after dleting the trojan on my computer and going through another scan (thorough) the ballon still wouldent go away :@.

my computer dosent run any slower then it used to and nothing seams to be wrong other then the stupid icon :@.

i would really liek to know how to get rid of this icon, or better yet, a free way to get rid of whatever it says there is on my computer.

and as a note, after the virus microsoft aded a bunch of help shortcuts onto my desktop and a protection bar and a link in internet explorer, and when i opened internet explorer it said "do you have new desktop shortcuts? do you have new favorite? do you have a new homepage? if so but our program!"

please help me

Thanks, VictorK

i should have looked on the thread before posting, well i did what was said and its gone now, thanks :).. ill probably be back ;(