I was downloading torrents and one program contained some spy/mal-ware. I ran a computer scan with CA Antivirus but no security threats or infected items were found. I then looked at other forums for people who had similar problems and decided to download various spy/mal-ware scanners. The first one I tried was Ad-Aware it found some unwanted objects and deleted them, after I restarted my computer Ad-Aware would not run, it seemed the virus or what ever I had disabled it. Soon after I kept getting IE pop-ups. My task manager was disabled "by the administrator", I could not access IE options and the search icon in the start menu was gone. I tried different spy and malware detectors and there are no more pop-ups and I can use task manager.

The search icon in the start menu is still gone and in different folders the search button in the top doesn't open a search. I am also unable to right click to look at the file attributes on my desktop. The object I suspected that gave me the problems is now showing (run-time error "75" Path/File access error) after I log in. The name of the program is Lincoln and has a logo like this one

|e| Lincoln

Sorry for the length, any posts with possible solutions
would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey there Raderag

I was just doing a google search and found your posting. I have the exact same probem. Exactly as you have very thorughly described. I see that nobody has replied to your post so maybe we can work together to figure this thing out you can e-mail me directly at jtylernelson@yahoo.com if you want and lets talk about building a proper plan of attack. I downloaded a Nero 7 app. from Torrentbox and foolishly opened the Keygen file without scaning it first It was a battle fighting off all the popups. I think we need some major system cleaning now.

I have also just joined this forum in order to reply to your post so I will keep checking back.


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