both computers are running windows xp.

1st computer (HP):
Turns off by itself after about 30 seconds (give or take) of being on. I ran a virus scan with McAfee and nothing came up that it didnt fix. I also did a system restore to a day I was 110% sure everything was in working order and it did nothing. The computer stayed on pretty much all of the time, and my moms friend who specializes in software/repair, suggested the processor (pentium 4) went out on it.

2nd computer (Dell):
Has been plagued with ad/spyware. I have adaware se personal, and it seems to only be removing the traces of pop ups, as opposed to ridding my computer of the host. I went to control panel, add/remove programs and two new programs showed up, one of which I could remove, which I did. The other is "Cowabanga by OIN", when I try to remove it a message appears that says the user has stopped removal, or it has failed. I haven't downloaded hijackthis yet but if needed I will. thanks.

EDIT: most pop ups show "Advertisement by OuterInfo" in header.

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why not download and post a hijack log .also in my signature is a link o programs to run for spyware and Trojans .
also get this avg spyware removal tool .

Computer #1 sounds like its CPU overheating ,maybe just a bad fan ,,time to take it to a computer shop for a checkup..

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