This might sound stupid but i have some spyware problems:

I am running the following antispyware:
1 Spybod S&D
2 Avg anti spyware
3 Ad aware se personal
4 Xoftspy

Now i believe i still have spyware because my popupblocker is not blocking some pop-ups but when it does pop-up it says that the page is not available........ any info you got for me, all my antispyware is up to date my antivirus is up to date.... but when i do scans it doesn't find anything ... is it possible that there is some spyware or viruses that i am not finding?????

Thanx Benobi1

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If i may suggest, Use spyware doctor. its a free download,witch is a little ristricted, enless registered, but it will still tell u all of the infections, u just have to delete them manually.But it works great!!! Oh yea and no effence, but Spybot & Avg, arent that great.


Also is it failing to block all pop ups or just when a bunch pop up at once. Sometimes if a pop up blocker is overloaded one or two pop ups will get through. Also heres the scanners i recommend.
AVG-anti spyware
AVG anti virus
Xoftspy(for fast scan)


Are you running the scans in safe mode?

yes in safe mode and in normal


Hey thanks guys but i found this program: Hijack this..
it is unbelieveable
JUST LIKE YOU SAID (Manually delete it)

it works on the same principle

Shot bru!!


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