I had trouble removing Exit Exchange spyware from my machine until I found two programs that remove the Vundo Trojan. Be sure to run VundoFix and VirtumundoBeGone in SAFE MODE with System Restore TURNED OFF to remove the spyware. Although VirtumundoBeGone issues several disclaimers and warnings, I had no problems using the software to fix the rpoblems I'd had on my machine. Not even Lavasoft AdAware could find the problems that these two programs could.

Simply download the software, restart in safe mode, run VundoFix.exe and then VirtumundoBeGone (you might have to restart in safe mode to do this effectively after VundoFix runs), then reboot and open IE (in my case it was IE7) to confirm that the uninitiated window openings and popups are no longer occurring.

NOTE: I'm not sure, but this could resolve problems with tabs not working properly in IE7. IE would close every time I tried to open a new tab before I ran the fix. Could be unrelated, but it's no longer a problem.

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