Nortons cannot delete Dialer Holistyc. Have gone to many sites & they tell me to delete various registry values, e.g. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\clsid &
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\holistyc & another 5 others. Trouble is, none of these registries are on the puter! I've found a ".hol file" nearby where it tells me to navigate but this has something to do with Outlook Express & not the Holistyc thingy.

If i can't get rid, then why not just un-install Outlook Express? We don't use this so would it cause any grief if i removed it entirely? These porn popups all seem to attach themselves onto Outlook.

Cheers! Cozzy....... ps. 1st ever Q

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This should be posted in the 'Security' section, cozzy. I'll move it there so you can get the best help available, but your first step should be to read the "Helping Yourself" stickied topic in that section and follow relevent advice there.

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I've done a scan in safe mode & the preload2.ocx Dialer.Holistyc will not delete. I've also looked for the relevant registry values that should be removed but none of these are present. Virus definitions have been kept up to date & there is no Adaware, Trojians or viruses on the puter. Multi-tasking is now impossible as the puter is running too slow. Example of what is happening,.....open any doc or click any link whilst playing a game or music & the music & graphics pause & distort for a few secs. Done a recent defrag & health check & can only put it down to this Holistyc thing.


yippee! mucked around for ages & have got rid of the Dialer.Holistyc along with a few previously undetected nasties. The puter is now fast again & can also multi-task now without the puter huffing & puffing. I used "Advanced Uninstaller" from www.innovotive.go.ro
Thanks Tekmaven for replying


yippee! mucked around for ages & have got rid of the Dialer.Holistyc along with a few previously undetected nasties. [...] I used "Advanced Uninstaller" from www.innovotive.go.ro

Hey, I have got the same problem with this damn thing, can't get rid of it. Can you tell me what you've done with advanced unistaller? What files do I need to uninstall to erase this sucker? Thanks for your help!


booya, click on "start up manager" on that program. Remove or disable any of the following that may appear. TkBellExe, Trickler & Dialer.Holistyc. Then open task manager & if c:\hol286519643.exe is there, well end task. If there are any other processes running beginning with "hol", then look em up on net B4 you do anything.

Then, delete any of these registry keys you may find. (you should find at least one of these). HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\clsid\{03c543al-c090-418f-aldo-fb96380d601d}
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\hol_preload.full.1 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\holistyc
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\code store database\distribution units\{03c543al-c090-418f-ald0-fb9638d601d}

Look in c:\ prefech files & delete system32\preload.ocx Finally, do a search for 286519643 in files or folders & it shouldn't find anything.
Be careful when you delete registries, make a restore point or back up the registry before you start. Tell you what, i've got a different problem these days (unrelated to this Dialer.Holistyc) but once i got rid of it, all the porn pop ups stopped completely. I don't mind the odd pop up but this caused the pop ups to cascade & send fresh ones even if you closed them or clicked on cancel or alt F4. I used to have to switch the puter off at the on/off switch to make em go. If i find out who is causing this i'm gonna cut their phone wires & smash up their office every day. Trevor McDonald will let me off.

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