I have got this nasty spamware/adware on my Dell Insprion 600 m. I have Xp home SP2. It actually shows the warning on the toolbar as follows:
System performance monitor: warning
System performance slowed down by:47%
Internet connection speed decreased by: 39%
Probable reason:
Spyware applications/Adware popup windows
Click this baloon to download spyware scan tool to remove spyware/adware applications.
After clicking it the internet explorer goes to different choice of websites
One of them is
However there are few other websites too. It hard to list all of them cause it goes randomely. Can some one please help else I am thinking of clean formatting my PC.

Thank you,

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Ok. First and foremost, get firefox and no longer use that nasty Internet Explorer! http://www.getfirefox.com
Second, get Adaware and run it!

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And one more thing to try on top of all of that is Windows Defender

You've described a smitfraud infection, and a special tool is needed.
You'll need to post a Hijackthis log
Install Hijackthis and click do a system scan and save a logfile.

Copy and paste the log here.

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