Hi, I just got my new laptop yesterday, which came with Vista Premium.

I'm currently on the free trial version of Norton anti-virus, and it notifies me every hour or so if I want to allow this fild to run, but have no clue what it is.

The last thing I want to do is accept uknown files with a brand new machine.

Anyone know this file ?


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EXEC.EXE has been used by both legitmate apps and baddies. You would really need to look at it more closely to make the distinction. (check properties or upload to an online scanner such as Jotti...)

However, I think this may answer your question ---> Did Windows Vista's most irritating feature save my butt?

Cheers :)

Thanks for the reply, and the link. So I guess it's just a vonage related file...

I tried searching for it, but can't fid it, should I even try removing it ?

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