I downloaded a free panda anti-virus from caperjacks programs on his post but when it's running I can't seem to connect to the internet or at least I can't get a web page to come up. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks for any help in advance it's appreciated.

P.S. I hope this is the right forum for this ? If not please direct me to the proper one thanks

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i wasn't doing a scan I just installed it and then tried to access this site and it would not let me get a web page. does this program auto scan on install or something. thanks for your reply I know your a busy guy from reading the bridge,dll post that everyone posted in.


sorry caper maybe i got that from someone elses post cause there were so many people posting your threads seemed like the most useful so i thought i got it from you. what i did get was panda 2003 and i installed it to my pc after i took off my crappy norton. so I had the panda icon down on my toolbar and I tried to connect to a web page and it would not let me so I disabled it to get here to find out if the the files I had to check in hijackthis would be different for my pc or if the files that are in all the posts sre common to the bridge.dll prob. thanks again man.


I figured out how to have the firewall off while still having e-mail and files scanned with panda so i'm ok now. I have a router so i figured I could live without the firewall. thanks man.

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