hi i have recently been having problems with my pc, there has been an error its a generic host error:!: the error has caused me alot of stress it happens randomly when connected to the internet for aroun 20 mins the error comes up then i have no access to my connection:sad:my internet says its connected but when i try to access websites on IE it comes up with the website cannot be displayed message, im using a xp sp2 machine with avg, this problem is seriously getting on my nuts:lol: im not sure if its a virus...i havent a clue could someone maybe help me with this matter....thanks alot!

In my experience, Generic Host Win32 errors are with drivers. If you download driver updates from Windows Update, they may be causing the problem. Roll back to previous driver. Also, if the Generic Host error in in msi.dll, Windows Update itself is damaged. Stop the Automatic Updates Service, rename the SoftwareDistribution folder under c:\Windows to SD.old. Then restart the Automatic Update Service. Visit the Windows Update Website and the Folder will be rebuilt. You might get an error on the webpage the first time.

After two years, he probably has :).