Hello, I just found this site in desperate hopes of fixing whatever is wrong with my internet explorer. If any of you can help me, I would appreciate it.

1. I have: An HP Pavilion with Windows XP home edition service pack 1

2. Thinking that I had a virus I recently purchased and downloaded Norton Internet Security 2004

3. My problem is that javascripts are not opening and I read in a couple of sites on what to do, so far the only change I've made was to uncheck the box for JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled. This was an action I did according to Microsoft.com and still did not do anything.

4. I found this site and people were talking about spyware. So I removed these programs from add/remove programs: Web search tools contextual adds, web search tools error search, search assistant, etc.

5. I still cannot open those javascript links and I cannot remove the program Uninstall 180 search assistant, I am pretty sure that it is related to all those other programs.

6. Any advice on what I can do or if that even is the problem?

*Also, how would I go about posting a topic here, that is not on this sites list i.e. Mozilla firefox?*

Thank you.

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Welcome to TechTalkForums!

For information regarding spyware please check out this thread:

That particular thread is the culmination of our mods' combined knowledge on spyware, with helpful links and tips on removing spyware. Before doing/asking anything else, you'd be well advised to check out the links there.

On your second question, it depends on what OS you're using. We usually recommend Application-specific questions to go in the forum for whatever OS you're running. For instance, if you're running FireFox on Windows XP, ask in the NT/2k/XP forum. If you were running it in Linux, ask in Linux/UNIX.

Again, welcome to TechTalkForums, and have fun!

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