For anyone who may have upgraded from NIS 2003 to NIS 2004..........do you find that your computer acts funny at times i.e. locking up, or being very slow, but not all the time? Just curious. I am running Win98, and have a 5 year old HP, and am on cable internet. Overall, my computer has been doing well, but it was better with NIS 2003. I'd appreciate any opinions. Thanks. :D

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The only thing I've found is that when rebooting or shutting down, CCApp.exe doesn't shut down immediately-- it takes it a second or two to come down. Other than that, I've had few problems.

But, I'm running WinXP Pro on an AMD barton XP2500+, with 512MB of RAM...


Thanks. I found this year that once I had installed it, I did have to do a lot more configuring than previous years, and even manually delete some suspicious files. Things are better now, but sometimes when I try to get to my control panel after hitting the start button, the computer locks up. This didn't happen until I put in NIS 2004. I can get to control panel via My Computer. I did have to install NIS 2004 twice this time before it worked.

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