mailing from India
yday while surfing through the net, some virus has crept into my Windows XP.
As a result, i am unable to open Internet Explorer.
whenever i click on the Internet Explorer icon, the system hangs.
i have symantec antivirus but appears it has not been able to clean the virus.

i rebooted the system but of no use.

pls note that since i am unable to open Internet Explorer, i cannot install any packs or download any content from Internet on my PC now.

this is very very urgent. i desparately need help to fix this immediately. Help, pleaszzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
am willing to provide any further info needed to fix this....

Mohan, this may not help at all, but try restarting to open Windows Advanced Setup Options window -the one from where you enter Safe mode etc. Try last known good configuration - if that is no help then as you enter a Safe mode you are given the option to do a sys restore. Try that. If any of those help and you get IE up go into Safe mode with Networking and then try an online scan. I suggest:-
=== try an online scan at panda:- http://www.pandasoftware.com/products/activescan?
-select the link to the scan... free online virus scan...., enter a valid? email and follow through, choosing My Computer for a full system scan.
Post the log it produces here.
If none of that works for you, dl Opera or Firefox [get this latter from Mozilla.com only!!], load the installer onto a CDRW and install.
Whatever, come back with how you get on.

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