one day, i turn on my computer and i seem to have lose all my icons and the start menu bar as well. i thought i was a virus or something, so i change to my safe mode and use norton antivirus, adaware, and spybot S/D to scan my computer and fix all the problem that was show from those programs. i reboot my computer back to the original mode but it still has no icon and start menu. i also discover that i can run click on the desktop, alot laggy-er than usually and i have to open files using task manager. i when through this forum and find there was several case that is very similar to what i have right. i did what those people suggested but still not working. anyone can help me please???

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To save myself a lot of typing time i'll just put this in. you may have tried it; you don't say what you HAVE tried... to save everyone thinking you could post what you did...
.....if you have the XP install cd then in that run window type
sfc /scannow
and load the cd. Be prepared to hit enter quite a few times. Come back with the result...

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