Hey all, any help with this is greatly appreciated.
My computer, P4 1.7, Win XP Pro, became infected over the last couple weeks with terrible adware, trojans, viruses, etc. I ran several antivirus and adware programs, including McAfee, Norton, Adaware and Spybot. On last restart after running Spybot, no programs (except IE) will run. Any link I click on, including System Restore, resulted in the message "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association for it in the folders options control panel." I tried to do that, now I click on programs and absolutely nothing happens. I only get the previous message when clicking on non .exe files such as media files.

Any way to save the computer at this point, short of formatting the drive?

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Probaly, but it would be way more work that formating and reinstalling to be honest.

Any suggestions?

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