alright well im gona talk to my uncle tonight cuz he like builds his own computers and stuff so he should have it.....i hope

okay well so far no luck on the cd but my uncle who i think has it is out of state right now sooo when he gets back ill let you know

well i got a new virus and spyware combo but i got rid of most of it my self but i was just wondering if u know of a program that will fully 100% delete programs from the registry and computer??
oh and the new virus spyware thing i got was called antvirgear and zlob downloader video add on thing

There is no one tool that will do that for you. A reformat is what is needed if it gets that far gone :).

Seems like you have another dose of Smitfraud. You probably need to stay away from the sites that are giving it to you.

yea i got a lot of the virus and spyware out and then my computer wouldnt stay on. it kept restarting itself and it would occassionally just stay on... it was odd. so i called hp since i have a warranty and all.. anyway they helped me to do a system recovery and i didnt lose my music. i just had to reinstall a lot of my programs. they stayed on my computer they just uninstalled during the recovery but my computer wont let me make recovery disks.. im not sure y tho. i think it might just because the dvds are cheapo's.

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