When I try to use my Windows Help and helpctr.exe gets launched, my McAfee virus protection alerts with the headline "Suspicious Scripting Activity" detected. Details say RegRead is trying to read a key from the registry. If I temporarily allow this, I immediately get an alert that helpctr is trying to WRITE to the Registry. At this point, I "Stop" the script, which results in my attempt to get help being ignored.

McAfee Viruscan has no complaints doing a complete scan of the system. Is this normal behavior for the help center, or do I possibly have a worm or virus in helpctr.exe?


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That is one of the security features of many anti-virus programs - preventing programs to access and/or change the registry. I suggest that you allow windows help program the access to the registry, so it can function properly. I'm not familiar with McAfee in particular, but the general procedure is to "always allow" helpctr.exe (or whatever program you need) so you won't be prompted again when that program tries to access the registry.

You can always disable the "program control" (as it is called in BitDefender)

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