I managed to get the systemdoctor and winvirusor whatever adwares on my computer. I bought McAfee Antivirus but still had pop unders and a slow computer. I downloaded Windows Defender and everytime I restarted my computer it told me it found something that should be removed and then asked to restart.

So I downloaded hijackthis.log and googled the suspicious looking files in my trusted site which turned out to all be malware, which I deleted. I restarted my computer and still had popups. Defender asked me restart and I ignored it while I registered to this site where I hoped to post the hijackthis log and get my problem fixed. During this my computer froze and my screen went black. I waited 2 mins, then I turned off the computer but since then the screen is only black...

I tried putting the Windows XP CD in my computer as I restarted it to no evail... what can I do? I don't mind having to reinstall everything to rid of this problem, but how can I even do that now? I can't show the hijackthis log because I'm on a different computer since the other one now shows only the black screen of death...

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It seems what you did is erased a system file that is needed in the windows. can u recover your registry to see whther you can restore. Get MINI PE or UBCD


let me just say this i also have this problem with my old desktop but i formatted it and it worked however i had another desktop that screen went black i formatted it , it didn't work i changed the monitor and the problem seemed to be with the monitori hope this helped u

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