:D Hi my first post here. Brilliant site.
I encrypted a few files ages ago, which i have no problem with, but now my encryption box has greyed out so i can no longer encrypt any other files. I have Windows XP and so i assume i am not Fat32, could there be any reasonable explanation why i can no longer encrypt anything or have i tweaked one tweak too many possibly within XP. :rolleyes:

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Just because you're running Windows XP doesn't mean you can't be on FAT32. FAT32 would go a long way explaining what you're experiencing.

Ages ago, was it on this system?


i know this may not be the best solution, but you can try privacy master, its made by asystem and sold through webroot. the program itself is a very powerfull 128bit layerd encryption with absolutely no back doors because non were programmed into it, and the chances that anyone would crack the encryption within your lifetime is slim to nill.

you can check it out at



Thanks for the replies. I checked and i am using NTFS. i dont understand why my encrypt button is greyed out, is there anything else i could check that you know of please?

Thanks Killer i'll look into privacy Master

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