I downloaded AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition on a computer that runs Windows 98 and uses a slow dial-up connection. When I went to install AVG an "Expired Download" box appeared, advising me to download the latest version. I ignored this and installed my AVG download 7.5.503. Everything went fine. But I noticed a red exclamation mark on the AVG screen and I ran a "Check For Updates." I thought it was nearly finished as it reached 100 percent but the Time Left line began counting upward. Confused by this, I cancelled the process. I wonder if I should try to Check For Updates again or uninstall AVG and install a later version. I need to keep AVG updated but wonder if the "Expired Download" means it is
unusable. What would you recommend, fellow computer users? Thank you.


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Always chose an option that gives you a clean download. I'd scrap it and start again - even though you're on dial-up. Then you can be sure.

I would download the latest one, even though you have dial up it would be a one off downloading it, and then future updates dont take that long as long as you do it often. It's here if you forgot where to find it.

Thanks to Suspishio and Serunson for your advice. I had a gut feeling that the "expired" AVG Anti-Virus Free download was trouble waiting to happen so I uninstalled it and downloaded a "clean" version. It went beautifully and I could see a huge difference in how quickly I was able to Check For Updates. In the future I will err on the side of caution when downloading. Thanks again. Problem solved.


Another successful result for Daniweb :)

change system date to few months back thn restart machine and try..

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Honestly, Deepak_31? You think they're still after an answer eight years later, when the question has already been marked as solved? Please refrain from resurrecting such threads in future…

It is becoming that time in history when you need the latest machines. With AVG 2016 coming out I thin k there will be no compatibility for 98 anymore :(, but who knows and by the way what a lovely machine you have.

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