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1/ 21/ 13 what is better then AVG free anti virus? 2012 AVG free was great- 2013 has a new program and is terrible in many ways- needing constant updates and then when it says it needs another update the new update will not load- I downloaded a "free" or so I thought version of malwarebites and now it says my free trial is up and I must buy it-- any thoughts?

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I use Avast at home and for the Corp AV. IT hasn't failed me yet. Home version with just Antivirus is free to use.

BTW, AVG is free, but they tend to direct you to try the paid-for suite. In the App you should be able to switch back to the free AV only version.

Malwarebytes on-demand ANTISPYWARE scanner is still free - look for it on their site.
To remove AVG ANTIVIRUS go to their site and download their removal tool.
AVIRA or AVAST are possibly the best, free ANTIVIRUS products atm.

microsoft security essencials is free and we use it on all the computer in our family ,with great success ,and yes malwarebytes scan tool is still free ,just the real time scan is trial

Avast home security is good and free.

This topic is appearing a lot lately. Have a look at this comparison chart.

On all the charts I've seen, BitDefender is always top dog. I'm going to give it a go myself soon.

At the moment I'm using Avast Free. It does more than Avira Free, and doesn't impact on performance as severely as AVG.

always used a free one ,and i cant remember ever having to re-install windows because of a virus or trojan ,ect ect ,usuallt stoppen them in there tracks and used malware programs to remove them .lucky me ,maybe

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