I searched for viruses, spyware, etc. I just don't know what else to do. I am new to this message board and read some of the other similar postings, but they all seem to be specific to the person experiencing them. I ran HJT under the name reverse tjh. I attached the log renamed as a txt file due to not being able to attach the .log extension. Please help me...

You've not given us much to go on.

This happens because either a program is badly written and doesn't allocate or manage its data buffers adequately, or a low level operation has illegally addressed the memory space that was previously the buffer's; the latter is very rare.

So, what application was this biuffer overrun in? Exactly what was reported on screen? Otherwise we're in the dark.

The HJT looks fine on a very quick (admittedly) look.

Actually, it was a bad video file. i was able to fix the problem by deleting one of my download folders entirely. lost some data, but fixed the problem. i was getting the message whenever i would show the desktop. the reason the error would come up is because the folder icon was trying to generate a picture from the mpg to display. since the file was bad, the error kept coming up. anyway, thanks for the reply, but i got it working now.


mark this as SOLVED please.