Friend just called stating she has these pop ups with malware alarm program wanting to install. This is obviously an issue. Can someone direct me on what to tell her. I will try to visit her later this week.

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With regards to pop-ups, have you tried simply using a pop-up blocker? About the the malwares, you can use the following programs to scan for and clean the malwares as a precaution if the computer has been affected:
1. Spybot Search & destroy
2. AVG
3. Adware
4. Spyware be-gone
Additionally, just some general guidline:
1. Keep your computer up-to-date from the Microsoft(if you’ve got windows). They at times release security updates.
2. Scan your computer regularly for viruses, keyloggers, trojans ect…computer hackers use these as a means of obtaining your personal information.
3. If you received a pop-up, such as “You’ll win a million dollar”…if it sounds too good to be true…chances are…it’s a scam. Many people upload their personal information and are then bombarded with spam email ect…They’ll then perhaps try to use whatever information they received to do financial transactions.
4. Make sure that your computer Firewall in ON. Pretty much, the firewall is a piece of software that helps to block out hackers, viruses, and other malwares that try to reach your computer over the Internet while you surf. Be careful of what websites she visit.


all of the above is good info. another thing is that you will recieve pop-ups that say you have an infection, but it is just a scam to load viruses/spyware when you click to be scanned. So be very careful

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