According to a news story published at IT Pro it would appear that Nokia is predicting that Linux will play an increasingly important role within its Internet enabled device line up. Nokia spokesperson Kari Tuutti is quoted as saying that while the mobile phone giant has used Linux already in Internet tablets it will "expand that range and we believe that the role of Linux will grow." A sentiment echoed by Nokia's chief financial officer Rick Simonson who is said to have responded to a question regarding the role of Linux-based tablets at Nokia with "It's going to be terribly important."

Given the positive impact of Google going with Linux for the Android platform, and the huge developer community out there, it makes perfect sense for a company like Nokia to be considering Linux as the obvious choice for future product developments. Lowering costs and adding value through more attractive applications must be a consideration.

There is a long way to go, of course, before the likes of Symbian in its Nokia S60 guise could be caught up with in terms of market share when it comes to cellphone usage, but I doubt that Nokia would mind having the market leader on handsets and a Linux driven market leader in the emerging mobile tablets and Internet access device market as well.

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