I want to switch to Linux and I got a CD from a friend with Ubuntu 7.04. I have never switched OSs before and have no idea what to do. I put in the Cd and it loaded, and I got to the desktop. I clicked on install and it doesnt seem to be working. It starts to load and then it doesnt do anything. I have tried several times to install it and it doesnt seem to work. I want to be Linux only also. If anyone can help, please do. I had checked the CD on the menu for the OS and it said I have 369 checksum errors. What should I do?

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>I had checked the CD on the menu for the OS and it said I have 369 checksum errors. What should I do?
The disk's probably scratched or damaged. Try installing from a different Ubuntu CD (one that works).

Should I request a CD from Ubuntu?

yes, request one (take a look at shipit)

a bad checksum means a badly burned/scratched disc or corruptted download btw

DONT use version 7. its a beta (buggy). use that stable version 6.10 instead ("edgy eft") and you can upgrade at a later date very simply

Only 7.0 is available for the request, any suggestions?

thats wierd. do you have dialup or broadband? if you have broadband and a cd burner (make sure to watch your download limit) then you could always just download 6.10 yourself.

I have broadband, a 100MPBS connection. And I can burn CDs. But I have no idea what to do with the ISOs and that sort of stuff.

you downoad the .iso file and burn it in a special way to a CDR (DO NOT USE RW'S!)

you DONT burn it as a file as you would say, a spreadsheet. You need to use a special ISO burning function. Some things like nero may have this built in but i like to use DeepBurner (google it, theres a pro and a free version - get the free one. all you have to do is install, start it, point it at ths iso and click burn iso to disk)

Yeah, I have no idea what that is.

What is the fastest and easiest way to get Ubuntu.

just donwload iso recorder and install it, download ubuntu and burn it to a cd-r, or cd-rw, i've never had a problem with either.

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