I am in the final stages of getting a server up and running, prime use will be to Host my 20 odd websites.

I am stuck on the DNS bit;
I have a static IP 60.123.456.789
I have a Router IP
I have setup a static IP within the computer and router of
I have port forwarded in the router POp3,DNS,HttP and the like to
I have setup an A record NS1.pcupgrades.net.au using IP 60.123.456.789
I have gone to Domain Name Host and changed the DNS to NS1.pcupgrades.net.au and NS2.pcupgrades.net.au

The site is not found,
When I call 60.123.456.789 from the Web Browser the login panel for the Router shows up, but how do I get to the site.

I can not see the wood for all the tree's at the minute.

Would be grateful if someone could show me the way, or loan me a chain saw to cut a few tree's down



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I have a similar problem.

My router is Linksys WRT54G IP:
My static address for my DNS :
The ISP static address is 216.160.XX.XXX
I cannot ping to the server using the ISP static address.
I can ping to the server using my internal static ip address

Still trying to find what the problem is. BTW I have the router setup with
the primary and secondary DNS ISP servers.


This really boils down to your router then. What type of router is it? It sounds like the firmware for the router is taking in the web port instead of forwarding it, perhaps you could change the web configuration port?

It might help to invest in a decent router if you haven't already done so, i'm not sure what you're running.

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