At the risk of being sexist, does anyone really fall for this 'computers for the ladies' hard sell? I am assuming that the answer must be yes, otherwise companies would not keep pumping out the pink gadgets and Hewlett Packard would not have come up with the special edition ladies 'clutch' netbook.

It would appear to be a standard HP Mini 1000 netbook, but pimped out somewhat by one Vivienne Tam. Indeed, it goes under the name of the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam edition.

What you will get for your £400 when it finally appears in January here in the UK, is a netbook based upon the Tam's China Chic design. Which means it is bright red and covered in flowers, peony flowers to be precise, well pictures of them to be even more precise.

It remains the same size and weight as any other Mini 1000 netbook, but that does not stop HP from spinning the 'one for the ladies' line to the absolute max. Apparently the light weight and small size make it ideal to "carry as a clutch" the press release reveals.

Erm, having consulted with 'her indoors' and discovering just what a 'clutch' is I can assure HP that it cannot be carried as one in any manner. There is nowhere to put the lipstick, the powder compact, the mobile phone or the car keys for a start!

As for the "cosmopolitan design complements Spring outfits beautifully" I am reliably informed it does so only if you have already bought into the flowery China Chic look, and does nothing if you are a biker chick.

I cannot actually report what Mrs Billandad said when I quoted the bit about how the coordinated wallpaper graphics and accessories, such as the matching sleeve, provide a "full couture experience" and make a "bold fashion statement."

She did mention that she would much rather get her hands on the Dell 12 incher instead...