I'm goint to have two web servers, one linux and another windows. I want have two webs in same domain. I want go to http://www.mydomain.com and enter to linux webserver, and writing http://www.mydomain.com/any go to windows webserver. But I want to Url don't change of domainname. I want to It be transparent for users and google robot.
How can I do it? Could I do it with alias?

Unfortunately I'm not quite sure how to do it with directories. But by editing your DNS server you should be able to set server1.domain.com and server2.domain.com to point to two completely different IP addresses / servers.

Thanks but, I prefer don't use subdomains, I'm searching a solution with folders

If this is a linux server, it would be easy to edit your httpd.conf file to set virtual paths. I GUESS you can specify different IPs but I don't want to say something that I don't know how to do.

I dont know de ips of the server, how I make alias? in first linux server as:

Alias /windowsFolder 212.x.x.x/WindowsWWWRoot