hi to all this is my first post here at daniweb.

here is my situation. i have
1, installed win xp verison of virtualbox
2, installed mandriva power pc as the virtual box guest
3, fully configured ssh and httpd (deault ports)
4, they both can see the net
5. both win xp and mandriva are 100 % fast but
the sole exection is, i cannot log into ssh
from winxp desktop.

vbox is using NAT
windows runs on a address of
the router is on
the virtual guest (mandriva) is on
the virtual guest (mandriva) gateway is on
my internet is cable modem.

i went into the guest virtual box and i could log into ssh (user and pass)
i then minimize the guest virtual box and went to winxp prompt
to try and login in to the guest ssh from there but it failed. (could not find server)
i triedto login with winscp and i still cannot login to the guest virtual server at all.
although i know its 100% working from within vbox.

what do i need to do in order that mandrive (the guest) can listen and
except ssh requests from the windows (the host) or the outside world ?

please help
thanks in advance

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It looks like a NAT issue. Either leave it set the way it is and find out enough info about NAT to configure it, or set the virtual network adapter to bridged and make the ip address of the mandriva system on the same subnet as the windows one.

Cheers, but can you check the original post date before replying :).

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