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Fedora releases usually generate more yawns than a Ben Affleck movie for me but this time, they've gone the extra mile. I placed Fedora at number 7 in my 10 Best Linux Distributions post but now that I've seen Fedora 10, I may have to reorder the list and place Fedora at number 5 or 6.

Is this release really that good? Yes, it is.

With an improved boot process, much needed printing enhancements, and built-in virtualization; Fedora 10 is worth a serious look.

Its full list of new and improved features are:
1) Faster Boot Process
2) New Artwork and Themes
3) Faster and Better Printing
4) Better WebCam Support
5) Virtualization
6) Remix Capability (Roll Your Own Distro)
7) Fedora Ambassadors
8) An Intelligent Packaging System Interface (PackageKit)
9) Fedora Community
10) Fedora Spins

Ok, I think they're grasping a bit with some of those to get to 10 new and improved features but I'll allow it since Fedora 10 impressed me as much has it did.
But, I won't let them get away with "prettying" features like new artwork and themes. That has nothing to do with functionality, stability, or usability. As far as I'm concerned, that stuff is a grand waste of time for a team bent on improving the operating system.

Come on guys, focus here. You're trying to compete with the likes of Windows, Mac, and the other Linux distributions. You're on the right track with improved support for WebCams, video cards, and making software management easier and more intelligent--keep your eyes on the goal of making those kinds of improvements.

Fedora 10 is worth your time if you're looking for a nice new Desktop OS though, so keep it on your radar. Try it out and let me know what you think of it. Also let me know if it's worthy of a higher position in my 10 Best Linux Distributions list.

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jbennet 1,618

it looks good but it wont boot on my machine. seems it doesnt like plymouth?

If it dies just after it detects the video card, try booting with

Hello to everyone, Ken wrote a GREAT article on Fedora 10, I agree with everything Ken had to say. I like Ubuntu because it simply works but Fedora has become my MAIN OS because I see so much potential in it.
F-10 is a much improved F-9 and I just read from Paul Frieds that Fedora 11 will be the basis for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6! This is exciting because Red Hat still invests some time and energy in Fedora which Ubuntu has enjoyed from Canonical. What I hope in the Future for Fedora that the innovations will continue AND somebody will come out with a Fedora-based OS that can truly RIVAL Ubuntu and it could be sold at on-disk.com or some other avenue. Fedora is fine with things changed in an OS that don't refer to that so it could be sold. So, that is a good thing to know! That's why I want people to GOOGLE Omega 10 which adds non-free multimedia codecs to F-10. I don't mind not having DVD video support but I can't live without my MP3 support. I know there are legal means to buy it, but, LAME is such a great CODEC! I like to see GNASH built in too so flash video/animation is also supported. I like to see Omega 10 branch into a "Studio" edition with lots of video/audio tools both command line and GUI. Fedora is American based so that is another reason I support it. I bought a book called Beginning Fedora online for $5, it isn't up to date with F-10, but the stuff that makes up Fedora I need to master. I hope with my linux blog, linuxglobe.wordpress.com, to find others curious about Fedora and want to help me make a Omega-based OS that combines the Multimedia with the Web Design Tools. I also want to publish a Print Magazine in USA that discusses Linux to everyday folks not just IT folks, this a niche that NEEDS to be filled! Anyway, enjoy Fedora and please become a small part of the Fedora Project!!!

Markus McLaughlin
Hudson, MA, USA

Thanks Markus. A print mag, eh? I can give you some insight into that if you want--costs, gaining readership, etc.

tried to switch to fedora from ubuntu several times, and though I did get my laptop working fine, it was not an out of the box experience, like it is with ubuntu. maybe ubuntu has better support for Dell specific laptops though :)

I've got to switch over to a RH-like distro because of work, will probably go for F10 this time, and stick to it

I downloaded the live cd, I fired it up, looked around, and couldn't really find any reason to switch from Ubuntu Intrepid.

There might be some under the hood differences, but Gnome and the rest is pretty much all the same. If I hadn't already flipped to Ubuntu a couple of versions back, I might try it out.

But there just isn't enough DIFFERENT about it from Ubuntu to make me want to invest the time to re-install and re-configure everything to my liking.

Ubuntu is very good. Some prefer a Red Hat-based distro to a Debian-based one so for them Fedora 10 is the bomb.

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