SCO is putting up two of its business units on the auction block: Mobile Business and its Unix OpenServer Business. Jeff Hunsaker, President and COO, stated that "The auction, we believe, is the best approach for us to move forward and also to exit bankruptcy."

Ah, the agony of utter and complete defeat. What actually will SCO have left after selling off its Mobile Business and OpenServer Business? The better question in my mind is "Who the hell would want them?"

Perhaps an even better question is "Do they really own either of them?" You can't legally sell what you don't own. It was proven that they never owned Unix or UnixWare--Novell owns them both.

They want at least $6 million USD for the two business units. Um, I'll give them $1,000 and some advice: "Go Away."

I don't know what SCO's ultimate fate will be when it emerges from bankruptcy but I know what their fate should be--a smudge on the pages of history.

Go away SCO. Go far. Go fast. Fade ye into the good night.