OK, you two, stop fighting. These little spats of yours are getting old. A rumor, heard yesterday, that Google is not going to use Windows internally in their company might be just that: rumor. And, a bad one at that. It's interesting to note that, while such a rumor stirs up thoughts of Google's own Chrome OS on a thousand desktops/laptops/netbooks; I don't know that it's entirely possible to toss out all the Windows operating systems from their midst. Or desirable.

FOSS Chorus: How can he say such a thing? He's the Linux Guy, after all.

I'm realistic. Not all of Google's customers will want or need to use Linux. Or Mac. Or even Windows. It just isn't wise for anyone to say that they will or will not use product X because of <insert lame excuse here>.

FOSS Chorus: OMG. Is he for real? How is it lame to say that Linux is more secure than Windows? And, Google should feel free to move to their operating system of choice--as long as that choice doesn't mean Windows.

Google has customers that use Windows. They have customers that use Mac. And, they have customers that use Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and Linux. To think that the world could be a world of one operating system is ridiculous. Besides, if we all used Linux, what would the zealots do with 99.99% of their time?

Oh yeah, I forgot. Video games.

FOSS Chorus: OK, that's it. Who is he talking to? Oh, excuse me, Mr. Perfect, let us rephrase that: To whom is he speaking?

Seriously. It's time for Google and other companies (and journalists and pseudo-journalists and bloggers) to stop making wild accusations and using crazy headlines like, "Google to Stop Using Windows." Puleeze.

FOSS Chorus: Oh, no he di'n't. What's crazy about not using Windows? It's not secure, you have to reboot it all the time (Ken Hess, himself, has said that), it's expensive and it just isn't cool to use non-free software.

All I'm saying is this, "We all need to get along on some level. Microsoft isn't going away. Linux isn't going away. And, Mac isn't going away. Microsoft and Google just need to kiss and make up."
Even if the rumor is fact, and I'm hoping that it isn't fact, it's silly to come out and say such a thing publicly. You can use any operating system that you want but you don't have to broadcast which one(s) you aren't using.

FOSS Chorus: Where is he? Where is Ken Hess? We're going to find him, hunt him down and make him reboot Windows servers until his three-finger saluting hands are raw and he begs us to let him just peek at a Linux command line.

Yeah, yeah. Get in line.

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I don't get it. What is the problem after all?
Google ditches windows... hooray!
Google needs to make up... ok.

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