I get this error whenever I press "Start" in JACK Control.

I need this running to use Rosegarden's sound output/input.

How can I get this running?

Anyone have any ideas?

I really need JACK up and running, as I need Ardour GTK2 as soon as possible.

Anyone have any ideas as to solve my problem?

Alright, new topic in this thread:
I got JACK up and running, and now I need help with setting up Rhythmbox to work with JACK. I hate having to stop the JACK Sound Server every time I want to listen to music.

Is there an easy fix for this?

Alright, let's bump this up again:

I need help again getting JACK to start up. I have the same error.

It hasn't worked on this machine (aside from the time up above this post, but I don't know how I did it. I forget it ever working).