Need some assistance here... I can tar a file and I can gzip the tar'ed file but... when I download the gzipped tarfile and uncompress it on WIN/XP and go to edit an html file, it always prompts asking if I want to convert it to DOS format. Is there any way around that? It is very annoying.

here's the commands I used....

tar -cvf foo.tar

gzip -c foo.tar > foo.tar.gz

I am not a linux guru but need to get up to speed on this as I have 3 servers to move.



More likely it has to do with the way the text files are encoded than the how you compress them. Unix-encoded files have different newlines than their DOS/Windows counterparts, which means you'll need to convert them every time you edit them with a different operating system. I use the dos2unix tool on the Unix side; I'm not sure about Windows, but from the sounds of it, you can just let Notepad convert it.

An alternative to this would be to just leave the files in DOS encoding, seeing that most Unix text editors can read it just fine...

Thanks for your comments John.

These are all files that I created on my PC (Windows machine). I uploaded them as ascii.

Hmm, not sure how it happened, but try running this in each directory that contains text files:

unix2dos *

If you don't have this utility, use Google to find the appropriate package to install for your system. It automatically skips over binary files, so you don't need to worry about it messing up images, programs, etc.