Can it be done!? I just found out about this version of Ubuntu called Ubuntu Studio (based on 7.04), and I want to know if I can do it without losing everything in /home/alex. I don't care about applications, I just want music and documents.

Without insane amounts of DVDs or backups, can I upgrade (or downgrade, if you will)?


Found that. Is that what I'm looking for?

Fixed, I followed that link and installed everything and it works! =]

yeah thats how you do it

e.g to you can add all the kubuntu stuff into ubuntu by installing kubuntu-desktop

I'm using the Ubuntu Synaptic APT to install it. I can't seem to get the network manager to read my wifi, and I installed python and wifi radar but that didn't work either, so I'm installing Ubuntu Studio off line. I downloaded it from a torrent with u-torrent, then burned the 1.2 ISO image to a DVD, but when I went to upgrade it, Ubuntu said I was up to date (Kermic 9.1) and didn't need it. So instead I am using the APT? I don't know if it will work but it started, it had to install 30 other packages with it. I just went into Synaptic under the tools on top, then once in it chose uninstalled on the left side, scrolled down to Ubuntu Studio Desktop and checked it and then applied the changes? Don't know maybe that could work for you?