i m a newbie so i m having problems installing programs.:)

I m used to (windows msi file).

are file extensions required in linux as they are in windows systems?

I would appreciate more if somebody can tell me of the file extensions in linux or provide me with links so i can go do a research my self

Linux does not use file extensions on binary files. Most applications on Linux can be installed one of three ways.

1. Through a package manager, such as Synaptic (GNOME) and Adept (KDE).
2. Through source that you can compile and build yourself.
3. Pre-built binaries, especially for your distro.

I always find myself having to go to number 2, because the applications I use never have pre-built, and aren't in the repositories.

As for me, If I want to run Windows aps under linux platform. I tend to install wine to install windows aps such as Internet Explorer and mIRC.

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IE sucks, don't use it. firefox is so much better. there are hundreds of IRC clients for linux.