Hmm, I was looking at the linux distros and I stumbled across Gos Space, which looks like a nice OS

What do you think? I'm thinking of downloading it and putting it on vmware for testing.

It's based on Ubuntu. It can't be good. :P

Looks like crap. osx clone. it's too noob friendly

I've been using it for a couple weeks now. So far so, good...same story "learning center needs more computers but budget cuts" Good OS put a couple of real "dinoa" back in action. Easy install, easy use and users love em so far.

Its the FNGs or newbs that usually support spending for more on equipment if its easy to use .. so they don't feel talked down to in "Geke speak"

the easy factor motivates them when they feel comfortable to ask for more. They like the look and the way that it it is so easy for them to use google apps, browse, youtube and blog.

also this keeps computers out of land fills that can still be used.

it puts computers where they cannot be afforded ... in short.

computer betta that none at all!

I ran it on usb stick, live cd and within windows for test and demo... showed my staff and supervisors it... then loaded it on three old retired computers. Easy and took less time ... I could spend more time for fishing, hikes, and being so far in the woods that cell phones and computers is a nonissue. Caught some pretty good fish and had pretty fun time with loved ones.