Hi everybody,
I have problems with refreshing page in iframe (by javascript window.location=http://siteRunningAtWinsAndApache2.2...).

When the javascript loops refreshing the page in iframe (every minute), it's nice, page loads and everybody is happy.

But as time passes, e.g. after one hour of looped refreshing the iframe src, the page in iframe just stops responding - it's loading and loading and loading and showing a blank page.


What is strange is that it is only doing with two of my applications (One on Apache 2.2 and One on Tomcat 5.5). Other applications are fine.

I guess it is some configuration stuff, like KeepAlive, MaxKeepAliveRequests or something.


Can anybody tell me what can be the trouble in this case? Can it be the httpd.conf/server.xml configuration thing? Any advises?

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Apache logs
When page is loading OK: - R2\\123028493 [29/Jul/2008:12:21:04 +0200] "GET /index.php HTTP/1.1" 200 682
<and some images, styles and js, php loadings>

When page is white blank and still loading there is nothing related in access and also error logs.

Is it a local machine or a hosting server?
My javascript page-reloading application is running on my notebook connected to local network, and the webserver is in server room (intranet).

I have tried KeepAlive On (MaxKeepAliveRequests 0,100,300), Off - nothing helps, so my quess with KeepAlive was wrong.

Robert Varga

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