In the past I've used vsftpd for File transfer. Installing this was quite easy:
- yum install vsftpd
- go to 'services' and click start.
Now it would be up and running. This has always worked for me, but now I'm required to use Tftp as a server.

So I tried:

yum install tftp-server

That worked fine, it installed all the server and all dependencies. Now how the heck do I start it? It isn't listed in 'services'. And when it's started, what directory will be ftp root?

As you might have guessed, I'm not using Linux on a regular basis, so try to keep it a bit simple if possible :)

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Although I have no choice in this matter (it wasn't my decision to make) I would like to know why I shouldn't use it according to you?

Oh, vi is a perfectly good command line text editor; there's nothing really wrong with it except that it's not particularly user-friendly to those who have never used it before. :P


I misread your original post. I thought you said that I shouldn't use tftp if I wasn't familiar with it, but you were talking about VI :)
Luckily I have the VI-coffee-mug (yes, really), a real must-have for the beginners in VI.

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