I have got a problem on preloaded Windows vista home edition on my laptop. Actually whenever i try to burn dvd it complets the burn process sucessfully but unable to play that dvd on computer neither on dvd players. When i noitced the space of DVD actually windows vista doesnt read that dvd-r for 4.7 GB but shows 4.3 GB while i tried on other pc running windows xp n everything went fantastic burning etc and it shows full space 4.7 GB of same dvds. Can anybody help me out how to resolve the problem???

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Vista has a glitch that for some reason shows a little misleading info about hard disks and optical media. My dvd was read once as 4.33gb and 5 minutes later as 4.59gb. It also may depend on the optical drive you are using (if the xp one is the same or not as the vista one). Hope that helps!!!

Vista doesn't write to DVD's unless you have third party software to make that happen. It reads them ok, but no write. It makes all kinds of indications that it is formatting and such but it lies...........
I have been working on this problem for months. Hard to get info out of MS. on this. Tried Corel, but they don't have vista approved stuff, triing Nero now, but hard to get information on thier programs.
Check with your computer support group.

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