Can anyone tell me what I have to do to completely uninstall nero 7 from my vista system. The pc came with a nero 7, 30 day trial which expired. I have used add remove programs to uninstall this program, but since reinstalling nero 7 with key code, it still tells me my 30 day trial has expired. Someone mentioned that there are probably parts of the existing program left, which is why I keep getting this message, but couldn't help me anymore than that. So can anyone else advise me..

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A free program called Revo Uninstaller [http://www.revouninstaller.com/] is quite useful for this type of situation. It invokes a native uninstaller and afterwards scans for leftover files and registry entries. Why Windows itself has never been able to do this is just a headscratcher.

remove the software from registry itself. Try regedit from run. then go to HKey_localmachine->user profiles-> software. there you will find the entry for nero, just delete the folder that all.

Or, you could try this
Had the same prob

Don't recommend editing the registry unless you fully know what you're doing

Nero 5, 6, 7, 8 CleanTool & Nero Incd 4 CleanTool Directly from Nero

Download Nero 7 CleanTool, ZIP Format

Step 1:

For a later reinstallation of Nero 7 it is necessary that you find and note your serial number before uninstalling Nero.

You will find your serial number as follows:

1. Launch Nero StartSmart.
2. To do so, double-click the icon "Nero StartSmart" on your desktop. If you do not have a shortcut to Nero StartSmart on your desktop, open Nero StartSmart as follows: Click "Start" in the Windows start menu. Subsequently click the entries "All Programs"-"Nero 7”-"Nero ToolKit" - “Nero ControlCenter”.
3. Nero Control Center will open. Click the "Licence" icon on the left side to see your serial number
4. Your serial number is displayed in the window on the right.
5. Please write down your serial number.

Alternatively, you can also find your serial number in the Windows registry.

Please proceed as follows:

1. Click "Start" in the Windows start menu.
2. Click the "Run" command.
3. The window "Run" will open. Enter "regedit" in the "Open" text field and click the "OK" button.
4. The registry window will open. You will find your serial number on the left side in the navigation tree.
Simply go into the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info
5. Your serial number is displayed next to the "Serial7" entry. It is structured as follows:
Retail version: 1Cxx-xxxx-xxxx-...
Nero Essentials: 4Cxx-xxxx-xxxx-...
6. Please write down your serial number.

Step 2:

Now start uninstalling all Nero 7 applications from your computer using the Nero 7 CleanTool.

Please proceed as follows:

1. Download the Nero 7 CleanTool, save this file to your desktop.
2. Unzip the ZIP-file with WinZip or WinRAR and save the content to your hard drive.
3. Double-click on the unzipped EXE-file to start the CleanTool. The window “Nero General Clean Tool” will open. The installed Nero version will be displayed.
4. Activate the checkboxes in the displayed Nero version.
5. Then click the “Clean” button. A status window will open. The execution of the tool may take several minutes.
6. Please wait until the progress bar has moved completely to the right.
7. In the window “Nero General Clean Tool” click the “Exit” button as soon as the erasing procedure is completed.
8. Reboot your computer. The Nero 7 CleanTool has removed all Nero entries from your computer.

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